Lance Mason adopts Foojit | Foojit Print-and-Post

Lance Mason adopts Foojit

Lance Mason Group chooses Foojit’s print-and-post system

Major north-west group Lance Mason has opted for Foojit’s unique print-and-post system to handle its correspondence. The firm, which includes a solid commitment to ensuring that every process is completed ‘in the most innovative and efficient way’ in its mission statement, has completed a pilot phase and will roll the system out around its 100-employee law firm and a number of other group companies.

The firm’s project manager overseeing the roll-out was full of praise for the system and service:

Everything has been excellent. The feedback from the pilot group has all been very good – not even any constructively negative feedback. On top of that, the level of customer service is fantastic and certainly exceeded my expectations!

Foojit CEO Steve Walker said,

We’re thrilled to welcome Lance Mason to the Foojit family. Our system has a number of features to meet the needs of the legal sector, but it works just as well for other businesses too, so it’s great to see it adopted by such a well-known and substantial law firm and by its sister companies in financial services and other sectors. Every day we’re seeing wider and wider interest from firms all over the UK as they realise the exceptional time and cost savings we provide without any compromise on quality, security and functionality.

Lance Mason is a very successful, fast-growing and already very efficient business. To see our system adopted, with glowing feedback, shows just how significant the savings and productivity improvements are even to firms that are already very forward-thinking and advanced in their systems and processes.

If you’d like to know more about Foojit’s unique system and what it can do for your business, email us on or call 0151 665 0008.

Why wait?

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