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Medical Generation/Medical Care Clinics choose Foojit

Well-known medico-legal provider Medical Generation has selected Foojit to process its outgoing documents for both its medico-legal arm and its patient treatment company.

CEO Blal Choudry said,

We pride ourselves on making best use of technology to offer fantastic service to our clients and, along with our other partners for other services, Foojit was clearly the sensible choice in aligning our systems to the ever changing legal environment.

Foojit CEO Steve Walker commented,

Our systems are uniquely designed to handle even the most confidential information in complete confidence and it clearly appeals to the medicolegal industry, as this is the third client in that sector that we’ve brought on board in just a couple of weeks. MG/MCC send letters containing treatment details as well as medical reports and other highly sensitive information, so we’re delighted to welcome them to the Foojit family and look forward to providing them with exceptional service.

Foojit’s system is uniquely designed specifically for the complex needs of the legal sector. It will handle documents of up to 999 pages, allows users to include attachments straight from case-management systems and to insert a reply-envelope. It will even send items on your DX account.

We’re certified to ISO27001 and ISO9001, registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and our processes will enhance the security and reliability of your document delivery.

Our system reduces the time involved in sending a letter by around 90% and the cost by up to 70% – and it’s free.

If you’d like to know more about Foojit’s unique system and why our clients are blown away by its simplicity, functionality and savings, visit, email us on or call 0151 665 0008.

Why wait?

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